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Serving London, helping local communities

Partnering with councils, investors, charities developers, and agencies across the Capital and beyond, we’re here to secure the best future for all – helping local communities put an end to housing insecurity.

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Improving lives for Londoners experiencing homelessness

Since our inception in 2018 we have procured over 6,500 homes for our member boroughs, against a tide of a rising market, a pandemic, and a rental crisis.

We work with our investors and our landlords to find better ways to collaborate and to champion the cause of affordable housing in London.

We are working for real change by joining with like-minded organisations such as London Councils and Trust For London on wide ranging research projects, and All Party Parliamentary Groups on investigations into policy and practice. We are at the heart of housing in London, and the UK.

Read "Rethinking Commercial to Residential Conversions" the joint APPG final report

Working with organisations across the UK

We work across the housing sector to secure the best future for landlords and tenants.

Investors and developers

Capital Letters is agile and responsive. We have leveraged our expertise to offer ESG investing opportunities to funds and developers. By working with Capital Letters, you can unlock our expertise and also unlock ESG Investment opportunities that bring real measurable SROI and ROI.

Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we can achieve returns that others can’t. Our core business of providing affordable, good-quality, safe, secure homes for families in need in London is directly supported by our commercial activities in the long term.

Our mixed ecosystem approach of offering market rent and LHA rent to member boroughs sustains long-term returns for investors and makes London a better place.

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Developing long-term sustainable solutions

We’re here to become London’s first-choice partner in housing – with a mission to lead the way in developing long-term sustainable solutions for everyone in the housing sector. Together, we can support London families and help local communities thrive.

London Boroughs

Everything we do at Capital Letters is shaped by our knowledge and experience of the housing market – and our understanding of the needs of London Boroughs. We collaborate closely with London Boroughs to increase the supply of quality accommodation to local communities, and we work with landlords, agents and investors across London to shape and develop effective solutions for homelessness and housing insecurity.

This means that our members can provide high-quality housing for homeless families, reduce their reliance on temporary accommodation, and meet their targets and responsibilities.

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Brent has a clear commitment to delivering homes for residents.

We received the biggest New Homes Bonus in 2023 for building the most homes in the country. Our borough plan encompasses this commitment not just to new homes but homes that we know our residents need, that’s why we set a target of 5,000 new affordable homes by 2028 of which 1,700 will be delivered directly by Brent.

The Council works with a range of providers including the 56 Registered Providers and private developers to unlock opportunities to build homes and we prioritise both beautiful design as well as volume. Keep an eye out for the Brent Design Awards to see how we celebrate great design.

Havering is the third-largest London borough, with over 260,000 residents, situated at the most easterly point on the border of London and Essex. We have easy access to the city as well as the Southeast via the M25, relatively affordable housing and a wealth of green and open spaces, making it an attractive location for residents.

Our housing team play a crucial role looking after rented properties, supporting tenants, and making sure their rights are protected and wellbeing is always taken into consideration.

Due to the demand for social housing in the borough, we are looking to secure further much-needed homes for local people through the Capital Letters programme, to provide more opportunity, and choice, for Havering residents to live well in our borough.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, effective partner in housing – reach out to our team of experts, today. We’re here to support London Boroughs and local communities in ending homelessness and housing insecurity.