Securing a future for Londoners

We are a socially responsible not-for-profit company supporting landlords, investors and local authorities to find secure, affordable homes for Londoners.

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Making life simple for landlords and tenants

Explore our suite of dedicated services to see how we can find your next tenant, support your investment, and maximise your portfolio all while helping families in London.

We are owned by London boroughs so there's no middle man to pay, unlike other companies. With generous cash incentives, support for you and your tenant, and the security of letting through our member boroughs, we make finding your next pre-vetted tenant easy.
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Take a look at our available homes. Each Capital Letters property has passed rigorous quality checks to offer you the best experience possible, at the fairest rent.
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Our team of housing professionals is here to look after your investment – whether you have a large portfolio or a single property, we can take care of everything.
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Housing solutions, built on foundations of trust

We know that a secure, good quality, affordable home is the key to a successful life. This is why Capital Letters exists.

Owned by member London boroughs, and supported by Government, we are finding new housing supply and providing solutions for homelessness. All through our own landlord portfolio and the partnerships we build with landlords, investors, developers and members.

We work with property owners, individual landlords, investment organisations, developers, and local authorities to provide simple innovative housing solutions to prevent and address family homelessness in London.

As a self-sustaining, not-for-profit, service provider and landlord, we are able to offer the best services at competitive prices with the added security of being directly linked to London’s local authorities. Our expert team works collaboratively with key stakeholders to make letting private homes to families financially attractive and viable.

Through our Lettings Agency, we find the best-vetted tenants, and our tenancy sustainment team works to make sure that those tenants can meet their financial responsibilities whilst leading their best lives. We partner with our tenants, landlords, investors and developers to make sure lettings, property management, landlord services and tenant relations are frictionless and efficient.

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Owned by London boroughs
Trusted by councils, landlords and investors

We are the not-for-profit landlord and service provider, supporting landlords, investors and local authorities to find secure, affordable homes for Londoners.

The first-choice partner for the Capital

Supply and demand issues are ever present across London housing and are particularly acute for affordable rented housing. That’s where Capital Letters comes in.

Partnering with landlords, investors, developers, and local authorities, we provide households in London with good-quality, safe, affordable homes.

As an ethical, socially responsible landlord and housing service provider, we’re committed to creating the biggest social impact we can.

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July 16, 2024

The Positive Social Impact of Quality Housing for Families

The importance of good housing as a fundamental human need cannot be overstated. It’s a basic human right essential for personal stability, security, and self-respect. But beyond the immediate provision, good housing good housing provides broader societal benefits and forms the bedrock of family life, enabling individuals to thrive, access vital services, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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July 15, 2024

Look for Solutions in Our Urban Environment

There are hundreds upon hundreds of possible conversion sites in London, they are where people live, and work, and spend their lives, they are all sorts of buildings from offices and light industrial to commercial, and local authority buildings. As work and shopping habits have changed, the dead spots where shops and offices used to be could become a range of affordable housing options. Some forward thinking councils are already exploring this option – so it can be done, and done successfully.

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June 13, 2024

Beyond profits: Calculating Social Return on Investment (SROI)

For investors seeking to make a meaningful impact beyond financial returns, understanding the essence and impact of the Social dimension within the ESG framework is vital. In this first instalment of our blog series on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, we delve into the crucial “S” component and the principles to calculating Social Return […]

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