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Our insight and expert knowledge of the rental sector in London helps our partners to achieve their goals.

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Because a home changes everything

A settled, stable home is the foundation of a secure and productive life, and it’s something not all families have currently. By working with Capital Letters you can change that.

We are the not-for-profit landlord and service provider, supporting landlords, investors and local authorities to find and provide secure, affordable homes for Londoners.

As a not-for-profit company, we can make sure that all of our surplus is reinvested into providing homes for those most in need whilst ensuring the financial returns you would expect. Our unique mixture of rental types – LHA, Market Rent, and intermediate means your  investment has an increased Social Return on Investment.

Capital Letters puts the ‘S’ in ESG.

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You can support communities across London

When you work with Capital Letters you are helping Londoners experiencing homelessness into a settled, good quality, secure home - a foundation for successful and productive lives.

By cleverly balancing our affordable homes and our ethical market rent homes we are able to provide the maximum social good and the best return on investment.

As a not-for-profit, once partners have received a return on investment, we use our surplus to support more Londoners experiencing homelessness - we reinvest to help more people.

Our Board of Directors and our Borough Representative Body work with our executive team to ensure robust and transparent governance giving partners the highest levels of assurance.

Services for investors, large-scale landlords, and local authorities

Local authorities
can access our PRS procurement – either augmenting or replacing the work they are carrying out and reducing the financial pressure of homelessness provision. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has cited the Capital Letters model as an exemplar for reducing local authorities costs and increasing housing supply.

Investors and large-scale landlords can access our lease management and property management services. As a large-scale landlord in our own right, we have the capacity, the systems, and the expertise to protect your investment – through service provision or taking on leases for your properties.

As an agile, responsive and forward-thinking organisation, we are delighted to discuss new business models or bespoke arrangements that deliver our social mission and deliver on your bottom line.


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Corporate strategy

To find out more about our ambitions as an organisation, about our offering, what we stand for, what we do, and where we’re heading, check out our 2023-2028 Corporate Strategy.

We partner with landlords and organisations across the housing sector to secure a brighter future for all.


Enjoy hassle-free rental income with our management service and experienced tenant relations team.

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