No-Fault evictions rise by 52% in London

Last year there were 11,880 no-fault evictions in London, an increase of 52% year-on-year.

Based on average occupancy, 27,000 people have been made homeless or put at risk of homelessness in the last year.

That’s enough people to fill half of the Emirates Stadium, or all of The Oval.

There are currently more than 83,000 children living in Temporary Accommodation (TA) in London, and every year, as no-fault evictions rise, that number rises.

All parties must commit to banning “Section 21” no-fault evictions.

No-fault evictions are the biggest cause of homelessness and cost untold amounts in expensive and often inappropriate TA, extra health and education support, extra benefits paid as people struggle to keep jobs, not to mention the reduction in taxes, possibly over a potential lifetime, as employment outcomes worsen for the children stuck in inappropriate and insecure housing.

This isn’t just a “now” problem, for some it becomes a “forever” problem.

Families need a secure foundation to build their best lives, and “Section 21” no-fault evictions take that away.