Three new London Boroughs join Capital Letters

5th June 2020

Capital Letters’ membership now consists 50% (16) of London Boroughs.

Capital Letters, a not-for-profit company, set up to prevent and relieve homelessness across the capital, welcomes Enfield, Hackney and Newham to their membership.

All three London Boroughs joined Capital Letters from April with plans for them to become fully operational by June whilst we work through the implications of COVID-19 on our service.

Chief Executive, Sue Coulson said: “We are delighted that 50% of London Boroughs are now members of the company, giving us a much stronger foothold in the market and therefore the ability to drive benefits for our members. Capital Letters mission is to work in partnership and collaboratively to solve the homelessness crisis in London and working with as many members as possible is how we can achieve this ambition – encouraging new members to join the company is an essential part of this.

“These new members are fundamental to our growth and our plans to procure and manage over 20,000 properties for homeless households over the next three years. One of our guiding principles is to assist member boroughs to reduce the costs of homeless provision – the more members we have, the greater the opportunity to control the market and drive down costs. It also means that our tenancy sustainment service will be extended to more households who need it, supporting more families to stay in secure homes

“We are continuously working to increase our membership and aim to have 26 London Boroughs by 2022 to continue to reduce councils’ costs and keeping families close to their communities and successfully maintaining their tenancies.”

If you are a London Borough and would like to know more about Capital Letters or how you can become a member, please email: or contact us


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