London Renting

Renting a home in London can be very difficult for households on low incomes. This situation has accentuated over recent years as the London economy has performed well, and house prices have continued to climb.  

Capital Letters has been created to provide good quality homes for renting in London to help prevent statutory homelessness. 

London properties

Capital Letters was established by 13 London boroughs initially with the support of the MHCLG and London Councils. The company now has 17 members, with more joining annually, so that Capital Letters is becoming the main source of private sector accommodation to prevent and relieve homelessness in London.

It is intended that more London boroughs will become members of the company in future phases, so that Capital Letters will become the main source of private sector accommodation to prevent and relieve homelessness in London. The company enables the London boroughs genuinely to act together in procuring accommodation for renting, rather than competing with each other for accommodation across London. 

By pooling resources and sharing expertise, Capital Letters will provide a better service to both Private Sector Landlords and Tenants. It will make more efficient use of resources and become a more significant participant in the London Housing market.  

The company will achieve better value for money for the public purse in accommodating households who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. At scale it will represent a market intervention. It will allocate properties as locally as possible, so that less households are obliged to rent a significant distance from their
home area.


Throughout the pandemic, Capital Letters has found homes for families on behalf of London boroughs, while putting the safety of our staff first. Our office is closed and we are working from home.

We operate under the government guidance for property businesses, updated on 7 January 2021. We inspect properties virtually, as the government requests. Where absolutely necessary to ensure properties meet our quality standards, we will inspect in person while adhering strictly to the guidance on social distancing and hygiene. We ask landlords to do the same.

Please contact us on and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your property.