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London has for many years been an area of above average housing pressures, where it can be very difficult for households on low incomes to rent or buy a home. This situation has accentuated over recent years as the London economy has performed well, and house prices have continued to climb. 

It is widely understood that the shortage of affordable lettings in London has the sharpest impact on households on low incomes. Such families and single people are often either unable to secure accommodation when they are forced to leave accommodation by friends or family, or to secure rented accommodation with the aid of Housing Benefit but are vulnerable to eviction

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Affordable Housing

We have created Capital Letters to provide good quality homes for letting in London to prevent statutory homelessness.

Capital Letters has been established by 13 London boroughs, with the support of the MHCLG. It is intended that more London boroughs will become members of the company, so that Capital Letters will become the main source of private sector accommodation to prevent and relieve homelessness in London. The company enables the London boroughs genuinely to act together in procuring accommodation to tackle homelessness, rather than competing with each other for accommodation across London.

By pooling resources and sharing expertise, Capital Letters will provide a better service to both Private Sector Landlords and Tenants. It will make more efficient use of resources and become a more significant participant in the London Housing market. 

The company will achieve better value for money for the public purse in accommodating households who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. At scale it will represent a market intervention. It will allocate properties as locally as possible, so that less households are obliged to move a significant distance from their home area. Establishing a single organisation representing multiple boroughs will also allow a more straightforward and efficient interface with established providers of leased and licensed accommodation for homeless households and encourage new suppliers to enter the market.

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak we have taken the decision to close our office until further notice. We are operating a ‘business as usual’ policy – please continue to maintain contact with our team by phone or email as you would usually do.

We remain open for business and are continuing to procure properties. You can contact us on and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your property. We will regularly assess our operating status as we receive updates from the Government regarding COVID-19. All changes will be communicated via email, social media, and our website.