How we do it

We procure, allocate and manage privately rented and leased properties on behalf of our member councils.


The London properties are a mix of private rented homes let by the property owner to households nominated by the boroughs and properties leased directly by Capital Letters from landlords or from managing agents.

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Father and son at home

As Capital Letters can issue assured shorthold tenancies as a private landlord, it is often possible to end a homelessness duty once we have become the tenant’s landlord.
Private sector leasing

We also procure private sector leased properties as a means of reducing reliance on expensive nightly-paid accommodation.

By removing unproductive competition between the boroughs, which drives up rents, and duplication of effort, we are increasing the supply of accommodation for councils to house people and offering landlords and managing agents an improved service.

Homeless households benefit too – by being placed in suitable accommodation more quickly and as locally as possible, minimising the disruption to education, employment and support which often follows an out-of-area move.

We also offer a package of tenant and landlord support:

Tenant support

Our tenancy sustainment service is being set up to help tenants who find themselves in difficulty and to prevent them from becoming homeless again.

Landlord support

Our one stop shop service offers a flexible approach and an excellent incentive package. Learn more about our landlord support.

By 2022, we are projected to have secured 20,000 more privately rented properties across London to prevent and tackle homelessness and an estimated 2,500 properties will be either fully or partially under our management.

Our business plan tells you more.