Landlords & Managing agents

For Landlords, Capital Letters offers a simpler and more straightforward interface to connect tenants with properties. We operate a central point of contact for landlords and agents who own or manage properties across London. This stops the need to contact individual boroughs giving different levels of communication and customer service.

Capital Letters will provide landlord support and tenancy sustainment function and across the range of the properties it has procured or manages. Our goal is to prevent the recycling of households who have been allocated settled accommodation from re-entering the homelessness/Temporary accommodation system.

Landlord in her property
View of London houses

These services will be carefully co-ordinated between Capital Letters and the participating boroughs, to ensure that services complement those being provided by the host borough.

Capital Letters will reward landlords and agents who have high property standards, together with correct certification, with suitable tenants and upfront incentive payments.

We offer leased schemes where landlords prefer no void periods and a hands-off approach, and we offer private tenancies for landlords or agents where choice of tenants is important.

Over the next three years, Capital Letters will procure accommodation for around 20,000 households for use by our member boroughs. This is supported by £38m MHCLG funding from the Flexible Homelessness Support Grant. The grant enables member boroughs to reduce the costs associated with the procurement of properties.

Capital Letters is a publicly-owned social business that is tasked with providing properties for the many boroughs across the whole of London where the demand for all properties (especially family size ones) is greater than the supply.

If you are a landlord and/or property agent and are interested in working with Capital Letter to let or manage your property with no agent fees, no weeks of void periods and a cash incentive, then please contact us.